July 2nd

Wow. 23 projects in just over one month! I've never dreamed that the Lux Collective would be so big and full of so many talented folks. I'm very happy with how it is going!

But we are not done just yet. We have two more months ahead of the collective. Stay tuned for whats coming next...


June 1st

We are officially starting the Lux Collective initiative. Expect lots of new projects, events, actual plays, streams etc. I will be updating this website with new stuff as it appears, so keep it bookmarked!


May 4th - May 6th

Plus One Exp is hosting a series of interviews with designers
of itchfunding projects.
Insightful conversations about how itchfunding came to be,
how it works and its future.


What is this?

This is a website that acts as a hub for folks inside and outside the collective to find itchfunds of LUMEN games. Lux Collective is decentralized community of those who are itchfunding LUMEN games, its purpose is to boost each other's work and share experience.

What is LUMEN?

LUMEN is an SRD created by Spencer Campbell. Systems created from LUMEN are meant to be fast-paced TTRPGs focused on snappy combat and loot generation.

What is itchfunding?

Itchfunding is a crowdfunding method, using as an alternative to more mainstream platforms (like KickStarter or IndieGoGo). The main idea is to have more control over your project and run the campaign in a less stressful space. Read more about it on the Itchfunding List by Kegan.

How do I become part of the collective?

First, launch an itchfund of your game based on the LUMEN SRD. To have your game added to the projects list, dm me on twitter @mayvisit. That's it, you are part of the collective now.

Here are the Lux Collective's principles:
Lux Collective help one another. Everyone is new to itchfunding, so to grow and learn we exchange tips and advice on how to better our works.Lux Collective promote each others work. Use your platform to highlight the collective's projects. Writing reviews and giving ratings on also helps greatly.Lux Collective stands against bigotry, hate, harassment & prejudice.

What is the timeline like?

Lux Collective will be ongoing during the June - August season of 2021. Itchfunding projects can run outside of this timeframe, but during it there will be the most promotion and events taking place.

Bonus: How do I do that cool progress bar?

On itch. io go to your Creator Dashboard > Sales & Bundles. Then create a sale and select your itchfunding project, then add an Earnings goal. When you start the sale, the bar will appear!